Tuesday, September 12, 2006

is there anyone who is looking for something good to read,

well here are two very good books , Dinner with a Prefect Stranger, and a Day with a Perfect Stranger, By David Gregory.

I was going to show your the covers but i couldn't get them to load! book one

what would you do if you got invited to dinner by Jesus, would you go , or would you think if was a joke that someone was trying to pull? Well that is what happen to Nick Cominsky, and in book two, Nick's wife Mattie takes off on a business trip , and was glad to get away from her husband , because of his sudden obsession with Jesus, for Mattie this will be a trip she will never forget!

These books are well worth the time to read!

have a blessing of a day!


Pat Paulk said...

Very good Janice!!

dot said...

They sound really good. Thanks for the book review!

Jon Cox said...

Oh wow, sounds really inspirational! :o) Thank you so much for stopping by & for your wonderful comments, I appreciate it a lot! :o)

byHisgracealone said...

will have to check them out...thanks janice


susan said...

They sound like a good read. I love this verse, I remember that as one of my memorie verses from youth group, years ago. Thanks for your comments at my site.

Jim said...

Thanks JEL -- I just checked our library, we have them and I requested they be sent to our local (Willis, Texas) branch. The Day has four ahead of me, the other I'm number one queque. Mrs. Jim will look too to see if they might be something she would like to read.

David said...

I would most certain go loaded with questions. I will see if our library has those books.

lori said...

I never thought to check my local library for these books. I am glad your reader are so insightful.

I'll run down before I go work.